'Gone Girl' star Kathleen Rose Perkins: 'I’m not afraid to show my body'

Kathleen Rose Perkins talks acting, Ben Affleck and negotiating nudity


Kathleen Rose Perkins is an actor’s actor. From her starring role as Hollywood TV executive Carol Rance in the hilarious Showtime series “Episodes” to her part as crime scene groupie Shawn Kelly in the 2014 hit film “Gone Girl,” this lady’s got range. 

FOX411:  Did you make sure to hang around set when Ben Affleck showed the full monty on “Gone Girl?”

Kathleen Rose Perkins: Yeah with binoculars. Oh wait. You didn’t need them. Sorry, Ben. No, I wasn’t on set, sadly.

FOX411: Allison Williams had a pretty graphic sex scene on “Girls” this week. As an actress do you just go there, or are there limits?

Perkins: That’s so funny because I’m going to start work on an independent feature next week, and they want nudity. So, there are full on conversations that have to happen between the production and the agents, and all that stuff. I have not, like, I’m not a part of that at all.

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FOX411: But you have to be the one to weigh in on it, right?

Perkins: A little bit but they have to say what they want. Like do you want part of the… or part of the…? I don’t know. It’s kind of cool right now to show stuff. Because a lot of big time celebrities are doing it. I’m not afraid of showing my body but it’s really something you have to think about.

FOX411: “Episodes” pokes fun at Hollywood. What is one of the craziest things you know about Hollywood that we don’t?

Perkins: It’s so not as glamorous as it probably looks like even on our show, and we kind of show that down and dirty of it. It’s still a very pretty, glossy look. We still wear Uggs in LA. It’s still changing clothes in your car from one audition to the next. It’s not as glamorous of a life as people think it is -- and it’s gross. You have to constantly pick yourself up, and deal with rejection all the time, and people’s opinion of you all the time, and it might not be a good opinion, and it can be really, really hard on your mind.

FOX411: Is "Episodes" star Matt Le Blanc your real life friend?

Perkins: Yes, he’s my best friend out of “Friends.” Is he my friend? Sure, we never work together though, which is so funny. Most of the time I see him is at events to roll out the show or to start production and stuff.  I think he’s one of the most down-to-earth approachable celebrities I’ve ever met. He’s just a real, regular guy who has a ton of money.

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