Miranda Lambert: What song I'm most proud of

Miranda Lambert has penned numerous number 1 hit singles but the song she's most proud of writing might come as a surprise.

The country singer didn't choose "Over You," which she co-wrote with her husband Blake Shelton about the death of his brother or the song that launched her career, "Kerosene." So what song did Lambert choose?

"'Dead Flowers' is a definite favorite," she revealed to Gibson. "'Love Looking for You' is another on. Neither was a huge hit, but from a songwriting perspective, I’m proud of both of those."

"'Love Looking for You' was one of the early ones," she continued. "It took me a while to understand what I was saying with that song. Writing something as a young kid, sometimes you go back and hear it from a different angle from how you heard it when you wrote it. A song you wrote when you were young can surprise you when you’re older."

The Texas native started writing songs at the age of 17 after her father encouraged her to write music she wanted to hear on the radio.

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"I started playing guitar and wrote my first song, and it felt like the first thing that had ever come naturally to me," she recalled. "It was something I didn’t have to work really hard at, whereas I had to work hard at everything else I had done. I think it’s maybe something you’re either born with, or you’re not."

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