Love letters written by Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia to be auctioned off

The world will get to see the romantic side of Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia.

Two rare love letters from the singer to a female companion he met in the ‘80s are going up for auction, according to the NY Post.

Garcia, who died of a heart attack in 1995, reportedly wrote the letters to a former Vogue model he met at an Upper West Side party in 1980. The letters include a phone number and a sketch of the Grateful Dead performing at an amphitheater, the Post reported.

“He was a person who you felt you knew. Very easy to be with,” the woman, who asked to remain anonymous, told Page Six.

She said they had a two-year friendship that never turned intimate.

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“I feel like it’s sort of our first ‘official’ communication somehow. I’ve been hoping we could get together ever since we first met at Al’s that winter nite so long ago (sigh) – I hope it doesn’t seem like I’ve been avoiding you, although I admit I’ve kind of been waiting for the opportunity (that is, the ‘right’ opportunity) for us to meet in some kind of neutral context that would be comfortable and relaxed and free of any pressure,” Garcia wrote in one of the letters.

The former model told the Post that she is selling the letters to pay medical bills.

The auction is listed through the New Hampshire-based RR Auction. Executive VP Bobby Livingston told the Post that he expects the letters to fetch for up to $15,000.

“It’s eight handwritten pages from one of the true icons of the 1960s, and from an incredible, important artist as important to today’s music as someone like Bob Dylan,” he said.

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