A 24-year-old actress who plays a 17-year-old heroine. 

A top comedy actress in her 40s.

An aging A-list male action star. 

A new bombshell report says they’ve all had “work” done post-production—but it won’t name names.

According to Mashable, a process called “beauty work” has been going on for years, and it involves a team of dedicated artists that digitally edit the stars after a film has been completed by working with the stars and their teams to ensure their faces, bodies and everything else look flawless -- without looking fake -- for their big-screen hits.

Companies such as Lola Visual Effects, Hydraulx and Vitality reportedly use a special computer program to alter every frame in a film to make the stars look younger enough or old enough, skinny enough and smooth enough. The artists go so far as to be sure flyaway hairs and armpit folds don’t ever make it into the finished film, the report claims.

What’s more: Mashable’s report claims the A-listers sit side-by-side with the artists for days on end until all the retouching is complete and then they give their final OK. The pricey process is supposedly used to erase wrinkles, hangovers and everything else a top celeb may not like about their appearance. So who is having this done?

“Nobody looks like what you see on TV and in the movies. Everybody is altered,” Claus Hansen, who has been doing beauty work for years, insisted to Mashable.

The report insists the top stars all regularly have the post-production work done.

“I have done [beauty work on] somebody who is 10 times more famous than Kim Kardashian,” Hansen said.

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