Naya Rivera slams Kim Kardashian for baring her backside: ‘You’re someone’s mother'

Naya Rivera is often compared to being a lot like Kim Kardashian, but the “Glee” star is not a fan of the reality star’s most recent photo spread showing off her naked butt.

The newly-married Rivera was among the people who logged on to have a look at the famous Kardashian backside on the cover of Paper magazine’s winter issue – and she didn’t approve.

“I normally don’t. But … you’re someone’s mother…” the 27-year-old actress reportedly commented on Kardashian’s Instagram post showing the cover.

A fan account on Twitter posted a screenshot of the comment, that seems to have been deleted.

The pic shows a butt-naked Kardashian, covered in oil while she casually holds a black evening gown.

Sources told Us Magazine that Kardashian was not bothered by Rivera’s diss and that she actually found it funny.

“Naya is such a copycat, always doing whatever Kim does,” the source said.

It is unknown if the comment was left by the real Rivera or created with photoshop. The actress has not commented via Twitter on anything related to Kardashian.

An alternate cover shows the reality star fully dressed in a black gown with a glass of champagne sitting firmly on her butt.

Kardashian tweeted on Tuesday night: “And they say I didn’t have a talent… try balancing a champagne glass on your add LOL #BreakTheInternet #PaperMagazine.”

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