MTV's new docu-series reveals the trials and triumphs of Millennial veterans

  • Former Army Specialist Tim "TJ."

    Former Army Specialist Tim "TJ."  (MTV)

  • Former Army Specialist Tim "TJ."

    Former Army Specialist Tim "TJ."  (MTV)

MTV has teamed up with leading veteran’s advocacy campaign, Got Your 6, for the Millennial veteran-focused documentary, “MTV’s Got Your 6,” debuting on Veterans Day, November 11th at 5pm EST, which shows the struggles and triumphs of soldiers and Marines returning home after serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. FOX411 spoke to former Army Specialist Tim “TJ” about what life has been like post-deployment, and the stigma he faces as a veteran.

FOX411: Are you surprised MTV did this show?
TJ: I was really surprised that it was MTV. I expected National Geographic. Most people my age don’t know a lot about what’s going on with the military and it’s good to educate them.

FOX411: How has the transition been from being deployed to civilian life?
TJ: It’s smooth on my end. The toughest thing is dealing with VA (Veterans’ Affairs). They are disorganized and I’m five months overdue for my benefits.

FOX411: Now add in the MTV cameras, how is that?
TJ: With the cameras it’s really stressful. You just got home and these people are following you around with cameras. They were so cool and I got used to it. 

FOX411: Do you think Americans respect and understand the sacrifice that you and other servicemen and women have made for this country?
TJ: A lot of people I’ve heard from say, “Is your head ok?” Assuming if you were deployed you have PTSD. That’s wrong. Most people I was deployed with are fine. In terms of employment, it’s not a direct question but they allude to asking if everything is cool mentally.

FOX411: You received the Purple Heart. Can you explain what it was like when you were under that RPG attack?
TJ: A lot of things were going on. It’s something you think twice about. We were getting shot at and I got shot and I prefer me rather than my friends over that.

FOX411: How has your recovery been?
TJ: I was out of it for 5 ½ months in a recovery unit to get back to normal. Most medical professionals would say that’s it for my military career because I wouldn’t be able to do everything I would be required to do and I’m stubborn so I said, “Watch me.” I recovered way faster than projected and I served the rest of my time in the Army.

FOX411: What was the most difficult part of being deployed?
TJ: The loss of contact with the rest of the world. The most difficult thing when you’re there is you don’t have regular times to call home. At first, I would call my family once a week and then once a month because it keeps you focusing on where you are rather than where you’ve been.

FOX411: What do you think of the Navy SEAL who claims he killed Bin Laden doing press? Is he breaking any kind of unspoken code?
TJ: If he’s out of the military, he can do whatever he wants. If you were that guy that’s quite a big deal. That’s the equivalent the MVP of the Super Bowl in military terms, that guy is Billy Bad Ass. In my head, you think I’ll be humble and then you have a couple beers at a bar and say, “Hey, I killed Bin Laden!”

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