Lawsuit claims it took $85G to get Mariah Carey ready for a photo shoot

Singer Mariah Carey performs on NBC's 'Today' show in New York May 16, 2014.

Singer Mariah Carey performs on NBC's 'Today' show in New York May 16, 2014.  (Reuters)

It's not cheap to look like a diva.

TMZ has reportedly obtained court documents of a lawsuit against Mariah Carey's record label that was filed by a photographer alleging that he prepped a photo shoot for the singer's album cover, only to have it abruptly canceled.

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The legal docs reportedly line-item just how much money it costs to get the 44-year-old ready for her close-up. Totaling $85,000, here's the price tag the photographer puts on Carey's look:

Stylist -- $65,391
Hairstylist -- $9,600
Makeup artist -- $7,200
Manicurist -- $2,400

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The photographer is suing for his fee of $150,000, TMZ reports, but the record label tells the website that they never fully agreed to this shoot, and are not under any obligation to pay this fee.

Meanwhile, down under, Carey has been under attack after it was reported that she pulled her opening act, Natalia, during the Australian leg of her tour because she didn't want to go on after a female vocalist. "Absolutely devastated (sic) that @MariahCarey has pulled me from her stage because I am female for tomorrow night's show!" Natalia tweeted on Oct. 31. She added on Facebook: "Thank you very much to the Diva herself. Threatened by a Perth girl that nobody knows."

The up-and-coming pop star didn't stop there. Chatting with Australia's 2Day FM’s Jules Lund, Merrick Watts and Sophie Monk, she said, "It was an absolute dream to be put forward. I came home on Thursday to an email from the promoter saying call me ASAP they want you on the main stage. I got bumped up and I think I vomited."

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But Natalia's excitement didn't last long, according to her. "I couldn't believe it, she’s such an idol and to be the local support act before Nathaniel [Willemse]. And then on Saturday I was told: 'Sorry Nat, she doesn't want a female,'" she recalled. "So you can imagine the emotional roller coaster, it was heartbreaking."

A number of Carey's Australian fan Twitter handles slammed the accusations against the singer. 

Mariah Australia tweeted: "It had nothing to do with that. We received confirmation that Mariah herself knew NOTHING about it."

The handle added: "Unless Mariah herself said it to you, defaming her name to the media isn't smart. She had no clue."

Carey is playing six dates in Australia on her Elusive Chanteuse world tour.

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