Demi Lovato gets engaged onstage to a much, much younger man

Instagram/ Demi Lovato

 (Instagram/ Demi Lovato)

Step aside Wilmer Valderrama, there is a younger man in Demi Lovato’s life, and he is adorable.

The 22-year-old singer was performing in Moline, Illinois, over the weekend when she spotted one of the youngest members of the audience holding up a sign.

The “Neon Lights” singer stopped her performance and called a boy named Grant onstage along with his handmade poster.

It read, “Demi, I have a ring for you.”

Leaning down to his height, Lovato said, “Well, you are the cutest little boy ever.”

It looks like having been called up to the stage frayed Grant’s nerves. When Lovato asked him how old he was, he said 4 before correcting himself.  "I'm 5," he said.

"You don't even know how old you are," Lovato said before asking to see the engagement ring. It was a big, green plastic number.

“Before you do it, do you know how to propose to somebody?” Lovato asked, before instructing the little boy on how to pop the question. “Will you get down on one knee with me? Now will you ask me, ‘Demi, will you marry me?’”

He repeated the proposal, and the singer replied with excitement, “I will!” 

Grant made it official by giving Lovato a kiss on the cheek.

The singer shared the news of her engagement on her Instagram account on Sunday, captioning the picture: “Oh and by the way guys…. I’M ENGAGED!!!!!!! Thank you to my future husband Grant… #CUTESTEVER #demiworldtour.”

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