Rikers Inmates Riot After Being Sent To Bed Without Watching ‘Sexy Spanish Telenovelas’

A view of the entrance to the Rikers Island prison complex.

A view of the entrance to the Rikers Island prison complex.  (2011 Getty Images)

Don't mess with a man's telenovela watching. 

The New York Post reported that a riot broke out Monday night at Riker's Island Correctional Facility after a new 9 p.m. bedtime was enforced – and the inmates were not happy.

According to a Department of Corrections source, 68 inmates in the high-security wing of the jail were sent into frenzy, lashing out at guards and refusing to enter their cells.

“They went nuts because they are being locked up at 9 p.m. and missing all of their favorite TV shows,” the source told The Post. “Rikers is on the brink – it’s completely out control. Inmates are running the asylum.”

Before the new rule, the inmates’ bedtime was 11 p.m. and they usually sat around the TVs in the common area to watch shows like “Under the Dome,” “Criminal Minds,” "Hotel Hell" and “sexy Spanish telenovelas,” the Post said. 

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But the Department of Corrections cut into their TV watching time because the most violent fights usually occur between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m., a jail source told the paper.

“They don’t have enough to do anyway and now brass is taking away nightly TV privileges,” the source said.

According to The Post, the same 9 p.m. bedtime was implemented last week in the female unit with no problems.

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