California Shark Bite Survivor Says Hollywood Has Come Knocking

Hollywood always looks to make movies about extraordinary events, and it looks like it’s the same way for the man who survived a shark bite last month.

TMZ camera guys caught up with long distance swimmer Steve Robles during a “Shark Week” event at Hermosa Beach, California over the weekend and he told the site that Hollywood had come knocking on his door.

“I have been getting some different appearances and I got documentary filmmaker interested in making a story about this,” the California native said. “I have a movie producer in the workers.”

Robles, who showed the bite scars to a crowd, said although he has become a sort of celebrity from the incident, he affirmed no money had been made.

“I’ve not made a dime – everyone else has been making money – and I have medical bills,” he said.

Robles survived a bit from a 7-foot-long juvenile great white shark in early July while he was an hour into his regular weekend swim off some of Southern California’s most popular beaches.

He told “Fox & Friends” two days after the incident that he was “very thankful that (he was) here.”

When the shark "lunged right at my chest," Robles said, "I thought that was it."

While talking to TMZ, Robles said the attack should not have happened.

“I have been swimming my entire life. I have been swimming up and down this beach… this accident should not have happened,” he said. “It was a freak occurrence. Sharks don’t really want anything to do with us humans.”

According to police, the shark was provoked to attack when he was hooked by a fisherman who refused to cut the line. The shark tried for about half an hour to free itself from the fisherman’s hook.

The shark remained in the area for about 20 minutes before disappearing into the murky water.

Robles said the incident will not stop him from getting back into the water. He expects to be back in the water on Saturday.

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