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Hilaria Baldwin Does Aquatic 'Yoga' and Christina Aguilera is Pregnant and Nude


 (Instagram/Hilaria Baldwin)

Here's what everybody's talking about:

This past Wednesday, Hilaria Baldwin posted a photo of herself demonstrating a "yoga posture of the day." But If we're calling it what it really is, it wasn't so much a "yoga posture of the day" as much as it was a "shameless an excuse to show us her bikini." No complaints, though.

A very pregnant Christina Aguilera posed nude for V magazine, making her one of only a handful of mothers who have managed to embarrass their children before they've even left the womb.

In today's most adorable news, "NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams reported on his daughter's casting in "Peter Pan Live" (below). Don't expect him to start blubbering or bursting with pride, though. That man keeps his emotions in a steel cage.

Orlando Bloom was spotted out with the ex-wife of Miranda Kerr's new boyfriend, because if he can't have Miranda back, he evidently wants a woman hanging from a tenuous chain of her sexual partners.

Ireland Baldwin told Cosmopolitan magazine that Instagram's no nudity policy is "effing stupid." Alec Baldwin couldn't be reached for comment, but he's likely her only straight male follower who disagrees.

A couple of shark experts felt the need to clarify that "Sharknado 2: The Second One" contains inaccurate depictions of sharks. In other obvious news, the sky is blue.

Production of the CBS sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" has been delayed due to contract disputes between Warner Bros. and the show's actors. But if the WB really wants to settle things quickly, they should just hire a bunch of burly jocks from Pasadena City College to show those dumb nerds who's boss. That'll learn 'em.

Heidi Klum posted a topless photo to Instagram on Thursday (below). Luckily, fashion designer Zac Posen took the liberty of shielding her bare chest from our impressionable eyes, thereby protecting her modesty from the few people who haven't seen her naked paparazzi photos.

Angelina Jolie told an Australian magazine that when she and Brad were shooting films on separate continents, they often wrote each other handwritten love letters. And although she hasn't yet said it, wouldn't Angie's story be more romantic if carrier pigeons were somehow involved?

Fox News reports that more than 60,000 people turned up to a free Blake Shelton concert near the Atlantic City boardwalk on Thursday. But in all likelihood, half of those people were lost degenerate gamblers trying to find their way from the Taj to the Borgata.

Taylor Swift recently uploaded an Instagram photo she took of her two cats (below), adding the caption, "I feel like I just interrupted a very important conversation." (As any psychologists in our audience would know, this behavior can be classified as "Stage 4 Cat Lady.")

Despite spending the day on a yacht with Victoria's Secret model Shanina Shaik, Justin Bieber clarified (via Instagram) that the two are not dating, which has to be the first time in recorded history that a single man didn't want to be romantically associated with Shanina Shaik.

On Thursday night's episode of "The Tonight Show," Jimmy Fallon and Julia Roberts took turns throwing plastic beach balls at each other's faces (below), presumably as some sort of penance for "Taxi" and "Mirror Mirror," respectively.

And finally, a Spanish physicist/chef named Manuel Linares has invented an ice cream that changes color as you lick it. And it's a good thing he did, because Lord knows we needed another excuse to cram ice cream down our throats.