LeAnn & Eddie recap: Has LeAnn forgotten her southern roots?

Singer LeAnn Rimes arrives at The Trevor Project's "Trevor Live" fundraising dinner in Hollywood December 4, 2011.

Singer LeAnn Rimes arrives at The Trevor Project's "Trevor Live" fundraising dinner in Hollywood December 4, 2011.  (Reuters)

LeAnn’s friends are in town for a girls’ weekend, and they think that the “Blue” singer, who is busy in the kitchen preparing a concoction of lemon water and cayenne pepper, has become too “L.A.”

“I’m ready for you to, like, cook up some chicken ’n’ dumplin’s,” said LeAnn’s childhood friend, Chrissy. LeAnn replied, “I don’t think I’ve, like, made chicken and dumplings–ever.” Chrissy was disgusted. “What?! Where were you born? I forgot.”

LeAnn explained that even though she was born and raised in the Deep South, she has lived in Los Angeles since the age of 15, and has adopted a few Left Coast habits–like not eating white flour.

Meanwhile, Eddie is boxing with his personal trainer at a gym, where he’s mulling over a job offer-- a seven-month gig on the reboot of the TV show “Dallas.”

Eddie had a hard time when he was shooting the “Playboy Club” on location in Chicago. “It was the first time I had to make the decision to be away from my children,” Eddie explained. “The kids would be with Brandi during the week. She would have take them to school. She would have to make their homework was done-- my kids suffered. I suffered. It just wasn’t good.”

After LeAnn’s suggestion of getting sushi was shot down, the girls headed out to brunch at Feed in Venice, where French fries are NOT on the menu, and wheat is not option for LeAnn, as it makes her feel “heavy.”

LeAnn brings up the subject of Eddie’s ex, Brandi, who is rumored to be headed to rehab. LeAnn noted that it is “so L.A.” that Brandi decided to have her struggles with addiction documented on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

“Even though Brandi and Eddie are not married anymore, they do share two kids,” LeAnn explained. “We will always be part of each others lives, and we are trying to work out how to figure out how to navigate this kind of blended family that is highly publicized.”

LeAnn’s pals try to get her back to her country roots by taking her off-roading on ATVs and taking her out for a night of line dancing at a gay bar in the Valley.

“We need some line dancing, some shots, and some gay cowboys,” noted LeAnn.

Many, many tequila shots later, LeAnn wobbled into her kitchen in Malibu to eat some late-night Ben & Jerry’s. Eddie wandered in to tell her that he decided not to take the job on “Dallas.” At this news, LeAnn dissolved into tears. “I feel bad for you,” she sniffled.

LeAnn’s waterworks seemed to turn Eddie on. “You need me to take advantage of you,” he growled. LeAnn giggled, “Please do!” With that, Eddie picked up her to carry her off to the bedroom and promptly hit LeAnn’s head on the wall. “Ow,” she cried. “Thank god you’re drunk,” laughed Eddie.

Next week: LeAnn and Eddie go country!