It’s Dr. Bill Masters’ first day at Gateway Memorial Hospital, and his new patient is Rose, a promiscuous 18-year-old in critical condition from a botched abortion–and her exasperated mother wants her sterilized.

“It’s the second termination that we know of,” she tells Bill. “Today she almost bled to death. Next time she could die. My husband is so sickened by this, he can’t even be near her anymore.”

Bill’s new boss, Dr. Greathouse, insists that he perform a hysterectomy on Rose, as her parents are important donors to the hospital. Instead, Bill tells Rose that there is a “promise of hope” for her in the future–and in the meantime, offers her a rather primitive I.U.D.

Dr. Greathouse also seemed charmed by Bill’s new secretary, Barbara. “It is a rare bird that understands that particular call–and trust me, they’re out there,” he tells Bill after giving Barbara a knowing look. “And when you have one in the hand–you don’t even bother with the bush."

Meanwhile, Betty, the former prostitute and Bill’s past research subject, continues to visit him for “fertility treatments,” even though she’s sterile. Betty overhears Rose’s dilemma, and seeing herself as something of a kindred spirt, decided to share the story of her poking out her mother’s eye with the heel of a stiletto.

Back at Maternity Hospital, Virginia Johnson demonstrated a cylindrical device used to film the interior of the vaginal canal to an overeager gastroenterologist. The doctor–who is ostensibly interested in the device for his own practice–instead gets a little too excited about its potential side effects.

Dr. Lillian DePaul has trouble speaking during the filming of a instructional medical training film, and Virginia suspects that her jumbled speech may be due to something other than jittery nerves. Later, after a visit with an oncologist, it is confirmed that Lillian’s cancer has metastasized.

Back at the Masters’ home, Bill’s wife Libbie is adjusting to motherhood and new a nanny, Coral, who happens to have a knack for quieting fussy babies. Libbie wonders aloud to Coral why Bill may be spending less time at home, “Whoever heard of a grown man being afraid of his own child?”

Bill, of course, is spending his free time with Virginia, sipping cocktails in the lobby in a hotel Alton, Illinois.