David Beckham came under public scrutiny on Thursday after paparazzi photographs implied that he may have left his children in his black SUV for over an hour while attending a spin class in Brentwood, California.

According to X17 Online, the soccer star's 9-year-old son Cruz sat in the driver's seat of the vehicle while his dad sweated it out at the gym.

A paparazzo told the site, "No one could believe what Beckham was doing. Some guys even stopped taking pictures and were just standing there, shocked."

"It is complete lunacy to insinuate David would leave his kids in the car like that. There was a nanny and air conditioning," a spokesperson for the soccer star told FOX411. "You have to be very wary of paparazzi making these assertions to create a story when there isn't one."
But given that temperatures in Los Angeles were in the high 80s on Thursday, legal experts say the matter and alleged photographic evidence could still be investigated further.

"David could shortly find himself in court facing child endangerment charges.  Even though he left the car's air conditioning on, the kids could have suffered carbon monoxide poisoning or, if one of them managed to get the car in gear, they could have been seriously injured," trial attorney David Wohl explained.

Dr. Alan Christiansen also cautioned that leaving children in cars is never a safe practice.

"Thirty-eight kids die from heat stroke every year from being unattended in cars," he said. "The air conditioning often does not work well enough to keep the car cool when the car is idling."

The temperature inside a car can heat up between 20 to 30 degrees in an hour, and the  temperature inside a car can rapidly increase despite air conditioning, which becomes less effective as the outside temperature rises, he said.

"Children's' bodies heat up almost five times faster than adults making them vulnerable to hyperthermia and organ damage," added L.A-based medical professional, Dr. Shilpi Agarwal. "Unfortunately, even conscientious and careful parents often overlook this and it can have catastrophic health outcomes for children."

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