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LeAnn Rimes Announces Christmas Tour and Lindsay Lohan Falls on Her Face



Here's what's happening, people:

On Tuesday, Rumer Willis wore a completely see-through top on a date with new boyfriend Ricky Whittle. But she waited until their three-month anniversary to do so, as per the official etiquette guide from Emily Post. (Link is probably NSFW.)

Rumors are swirling that Kate Middleton may be pregnant again. But right now, all of that gossip has yet to be substantiated, so maybe it's time to stop spreading rumors, Queen Elizabeth!

Speaking of the Royals, Vanity Fair has been accused of airbrushing Prince William’s thinning hairline on the cover of the magazine's August issue. Reps for the mag have denied the accusations, because they obviously think we're blind.

Country singer LeAnn Rimes has announced her upcoming Christmas tour with a new promotional video where she gets chased by elves who want to cover up her bikini-clad body (below). But as we're all well aware, nobody can fetter Rimes with any clothes she doesn't want to wear.

Lindsay Lohan pretty much fell on her face at a film festival in Italy on Monday, which is usually how you can tell when a film festival jumps the shark.

Gwen Stefani announced on Monday that she's already recruited husband Gavin Rossdale to act as her team mentor when she joins NBC's "The Voice," because who better to advise modern young artists than a guy who hasn't done anything of note since 1996?

Miley Cyrus showcased one of her arts and crafts creations on Instagram, which appears to be a valuable vintage television decorated with garbage (below). C'est magnifique!


Jeff Goldblum, 61, reportedly proposed to his 31-year-old girlfriend Emilie Livingston, who was only a child of three when he accidentally merged his DNA with that of a common housefly.

Jennifer Aniston launched her second perfume, which she describes as "a hint of that salty sea smell that reminds me of a day spent in the ocean." Now, correct us if we're wrong, but didn't Jen steal this idea from a fellow Must-See TV star?

Like the many male comic book fans who secretly lusted after his flowing blond hair and impeccable bone structure, Marvel Comics revealed on Tuesday that they plan to re-envision Thor as a lady.

Blake Lively is trying to out-Gwyneth Gwyneth with a lifestyle website of her very own, set to launch next week. Lively is calling it "Preserve," which is probably just pretentious enough to steal a bit of GOOP's pompous thunder.

Due to a dispute between Casey Kasem's family, his unburied remains are still sitting in a Washington funeral home more than a month after his death. At the very least, though, they should all probably agree that this guy should be put to rest.

And finally, Garth Brooks has announced that Rosemont, Illinois, will be the first stop (and so far the only stop) on his upcoming world tour, probably because he — like so many musicians before him — understands that if you can make it in Rosemont, you can make it anywhere.