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Is Shania Twain Making a Comeback?



The "most beautiful woman in country" may be gearing up for two sold-out shows in her native Canada, but will she officially heat things up with a major comeback in music?

According to Shania Twain, it’s possible.

Rolling Stone is reporting these dual performances, the first outside of the 48-year-old singer’s Las Vegas residency, "Shania: Still the One," could be the beginning of more to come.

“I was pretty open to it, I have to say,” Twain told the Calgary Herald about taking on Caesars Palace. “I was excited about the idea of doing a concert environment show again - it’s been a long time.”

“I think I’m going to do more,” she said. “I guess it’s just something I’m enjoying now more than I have in a long time. Vegas has been a really good transition for me to get back onstage again, and I guess I’m enjoying it. So why not do more?”

So what really made Twain take a hiatus after releasing her fourth studio album, titled “Up!” in 2002? Well, it’s been a rocky road for the country superstar. After separating from her husband, producer Robert “Mutt Lange,” Twain was diagnosed with dysphonia, due to years of damaging her vocal cords. Fortunately, her famous voice came back after rehabilitation and treatment, plus she’s now happily remarried.

The Calgary Herald also reveals the brunette beauty is already hinting at recording new music–but don’t expect a definite release date super soon.

“It’s my priority this year and I will be in the studio as soon as I can get in, get my ducks in a row–I’m working on it all the time right now,” Twain said.

“I’ve been writing for a long time now, I’ve got lots of things so it’s really about putting the puzzle together now,” she added. “Back onstage has been very natural, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. I’m enjoying the singing and I think my voice has a lot of qualities it didn’t even have before which is interesting. And I look forward to putting that down on record.”

Don’t think Twain has the chops to compete with the current blonde powerhouses, such as Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, or even Taylor Swift? Remember, we’re talking about an award-winning artist who sold more than 85 million albums worldwide. The Calgary Herald also reminded readers that as one of the most commercially successful artists of all time, Twain successfully helped bring country music to the masses in the’90s and early ‘00s.

While Twain’s Sin City residency is still ongoing for the summer, we have a feeling her semi-retirement may be coming to an end.