Miley Cyrus appears in creepy new video that features nudity, drugs, profanity and a stolen brain

Four4Four: Miley Cyrus in new drug-filled, explicit video; new reality show has couples meet and marry in same day; Taylor Swift compares fans to dating; Sophia Vergara levels-up with Joe Manganiello?


Miley Cyrus has teamed up with veteran psychedelic band the Flaming Lips to create an art-house video that may just be her most risque yet. The video is a confusing collage of creepy imagery and visual effects.

The video opens with the 21-year-old singer passed out in bed surrounded by empty pill bottles and holding a pink gooey substance that is supposed to be her brain. Singer Moby plays a cult leader who instructs a naked young woman to steal Cyrus’ ‘brain.’

Upon awakening the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s first words are, “Where’s my f--king brain?”

What ensues are shots of Cyrus smoking marijuana, bare breasts, full-frontal nudity and a garishly decorated car. And as for the stolen brain? It ends up with a rodent.

Cyrus and the Flaming Lips have been friends since last year. They’ve played on stage together, written songs together and lead singer Wayne Coyne, his girlfriend Katy Weaver and Cyrus all got matching dog tattoos together which they shared on social media.