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The Sexiest Thing You Didn’t Know About Carmen Electra


 (Associated Press)

Can't get enough of seeing one “Baywatch” babe strutting in an itsy bitsy swimsuit? We didn’t think so.

At age 42, model and television actress Carmen Electra is still electrifying with endless killer curves, which she proudly displays in the summer issue of Galore magazine, where she leads a parade of barely-there monokinis.

And sure you’re already familiar with those lean legs, pillowy lips, and yes, those assets. But this time, ‘90s bombshell has plenty more to share, including her apparent love of feeding chickens in stilettos and little else. But aside from all the yummy eye candy, there’s one thing few people know about Electra.

“I have double-jointed hips,” reveals the Ohio native to the publication on one of six things people don’t know about her. 

While Electra doesn’t further elaborate on this sexy trait, she does give readers simple tidbits on how she remains her youthful glow.

“Try to stay stress free and wash off your makeup at night,” she advises.

Sure, that’s easier said than done, but there are many reasons why Electra is so carefree these days. Currently, she’s keeping busy working on more music (Prince discovered her after all), as well as prepping for a movie in London. As for her love life? While she’s famous for marrying bad boys, like Dennis Rodman and rocker Dave Navarro, Electra insists she’s flying solo these days.

“I am happily single and having fun,” she says.

We have a feeling that won’t last for long.