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Hilaria Baldwin Now Does Yoga In Underwear, In Addition to Swimsuits


 (Instagram/Hilaria Baldwin)

It wasn't long ago that we remarked on Hilaria Baldwin's penchant for bikini yoga, a craft that she (maybe) didn't invent, but certainly perfected on her Instagram account. Nowadays, however, she seems to be doing away with all formalities and assuming her asanas in just a bra and panties.

On Sunday, the super-limber yoga instructor uploaded a photo in which she appears to be wearing nothing but underwear while performing a variant of the purvottanasana pose alongside a few friends by the pool:

Also pictured with Baldwin and Co. is her and husband Alec Baldwin's daughter Carmen (left), whom she identifies in the comments as the only one who isn't wearing heels.

But despite these new developments concerning her undergarments, Baldwin doesn't appear to have ditched her bikini yoga sessions just yet. A few days earlier on June 25, Hilaria shared a photo of herself twisting into the padma bhujangasana in the wheelhouse of a boat, wearing only a two-piece swimsuit …

… and later, on June 27, she stretched into the dhanurasana in a bikini top and shorts:

One of Baldwin's more recent postings proved that she isn't blind to her detractors, though. On Tuesday, she responded to critics of her nearly nude yoga with the following snapshot, in which she assumes the alanasana pose in the blazing New York City heat:

"This #hilariaypd [pose of the day] is dedicated to those complaining about my bikini pics," she wrote in the photo's caption. "This makes much more sense in 85 [degrees] F."

(We just hope she isn't directing that last comment at us. We only want Hilaria to be careful, because now that she's posing in underwear, there's barely anywhere to go from here.)