Two years ago Courtney Robertson appeared on season 16 of "The Bachelor" and immediately became one of the most controversial figures in the dating show’s history. She became a villain of the show by dissing the other girls and breaking the rules. Anyone remember that illicit skinny-dip? Now she's penned a book entitled "I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain." Robertson spoke to FOX411 about the book and Bachelor Ben.

FOX411: So when you went skinny dipping with Ben you had sex on national TV.
Courtney Robertson: Yeah. At the moment I kind of forgot we were filming the show. I was so wrapped up in wanting to spend alone time with him. It was the first time I got to talk without any audio. It didn't last very long. I was trying to keep it as real as possible. That's something I would do if I was with my boyfriend on vacation.

FOX411: Did you really fall in love?
Robertson: A lot of people think it's bizarre but I really fell in love. It's the perfect kind of situation. You're going on those romantic dates. I was gone for two and a half months by the end of it, I was really head over heels but I did have some concerns, some doubts.

FOX411: It seems like most of the relationships fall apart a couple of months after the show ends.
Robertson: In our case it did especially once the show started airing. There were a few weeks before the show started airing that were probably the best time in our relationship. Once the show started airing, that's when we started to crumble.

FOX411: Are you in contact with Ben now?
Robertson: No. I reached out to him about eight months ago when I was writing the book and said, “Hey I just wanted you to know I'm writing a book. If you want to talk about content,” because he had recently reached out and said, “Let's clear the air.” It was nice so I said, “If you want to talk about content call me.” I was willing if there were certain stories he didn't want in there, I was willing to take them out but he never called so I just went ahead. I did soften a few things. There's a lot more I could have put in there (laughs).

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FOX411: Why did you decide to write this book?
Robertson: I never really had a chance to share my side of the story. You probably saw the magazine covers. I was getting trampled on so, yeah, I really wanted to write this to share my side, the true story and I wrote it for the fans to give them an inside look.

FOX411: You really got some negative press.
Robertson: I sure did. That was really difficult for me because I couldn't say anything at the time so you're just sitting there watching these things being said about you and you can't react to it. I had friends selling stories about me. There were things coming out and being spun, these crazy stories. I was like, “Oh my gosh I can't believe this is happening.”

FOX411: Do you regret any of the things you said?
Robertson: You know I did the best I could. I don't really regret it.

FOX411: Are you dating now?
Robertson: I've been happily single. I've met some really interesting men. I'm looking forward to the summer. I'm hoping to meet someone special.