Forgo Cup 'O Noodles: Ireland Baldwin shares her bikini body secrets

Sure, being 18 years old, 6' 2" tall, and having Kim Basinger for your mother helps, but Ireland Baldwin says there's more than good genes and youth to her bangin' bikini body.

"The only way to feel good in a bikini is to treat your body right. Eat clean. Train. Stretch. Tone," she told Galore magazine. "Wear a bikini that suits your body type. Get your cheeks sandy. It’s cute. Do squats. Take it low, take it way lower then that."

Baldwin's realization that being fit was an important component of looking one's best came when she decided to get into modeling.

"I resorted to sweatpants, messy buns and converse as if it were uniform. If I was feeling adventurous, I’d throw yoga pants on. That was primarily because my diet consisted of Cup of Noodles and bagels so I needed the yoga pants to hold it all together," she said of her youthful indiscretions. "When I stepped into this world and truly got a feeling for what it’s all about, I literally said to myself, oh sh**.'"

Baldwin said she was a late bloomer when it came to her looks.

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"When I got my braces taken off and let my bowl cut grow out, I realized that I was a girl," she said. "So, that was when I realized there could be potential here."