New Kids on the Block member Donnie Wahlberg's proposal to Jenny McCarthy didn't exactly go off without a hitch. 

During an interview with Australia’s Jackie O radio show, McCarthy revealed that Wahlberg and her son teamed up for his spelled-out proposal, but her fiance supervised as her son misspelled the word "marry" for her big moment. 

“We we're just sitting on the couch doing what girls do, which is say 'tell me how much you love me' and he [Donnie] left the room,” she recalled. “My son Evan came running back with a piece of paper saying 'WILL.'"

She said he then “ran away and then my son came back in the room and handed me a piece of paper that said 'You' and then ran away and then came back with a piece that said 'Mary' but it was spelled wrong, M-A-R-Y."

McCarthy said Wahlberg came in the room with her son wearing a T-shirt that said “Me?” and she ignored the spelling mistake and broke down crying and said yes.

Overall, McCarthy doesn’t seem too bothered by the gaffe. She gushed about her fiancés good looks on the radio show.

“He's a hottie and I couldn't be more excited, proud and turned on all at the same time.”