Pope Francis' New Biopic In The Works ... Starring Antonio Banderas?

Pope Francis is the world’s most famous Latin American and a biopic about his life would likely reach sky-level box office sales around the world.

So, who should play the Holy man? One of the directors behind a project already in the works says Spanish actor Antonio Banderas could well fit the bill – a rumor that has been swirling after Variety magazine published a story about this in recent days.

Daniele Luchetti, producer and co-director of “Call Me Francisco,” told La Nación in Argentina that Banderas playing Pope Francis was an idea that has not been thought out yet.

“Banderas is an actor that I admire a lot and I like it to be him,” the Italian filmmaker said. “At this moment, I am very free to choose. It might be more an actor who can impersonate Bergoglio in his infancy, in his youth and as an adult. There are a lot of actors I like, including some Argentinian actors.”

“I will try to find a person who understands Bergoglio’s personality,” he continued. “For me it’s not as important to find someone that looks like him, but finding someone who understands deeply who he is.”

The script of the movie is based on the book by journalist Evangelina Himitian “Francisco, the Pope of the People.”

The director said they want to tell the Pope’s story from the point of view of a layperson who has been captivated by the Pope – like him.

“I accepted the offer to direct the film because I felt a strong emotion upon hearing the words of the new Pope and want to understand where it comes from, what are the reasons for his talent, his maturity as deep and simple at the same time. I understand why so many people can connect to him, including me,” said Luchetti, who stated is not Catholic. “That’s what is more surprising. I am not Catholic and yet I am so interested in his words. I am doing this film to understand why I am so interested in the Pope.”

Luchetti said filming will begin in October and is expected to hit theaters in February 2015. It will be in Spanish with scenes filmed in Argentina, Germany and Italy. Casting will begin in July in Buenos Aires, Spain and other countries.

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