Miss Kay explains how she forgave her daughter-in-law's infidelities

Miss Kay Robertson of the A&E series "Duck Dynasty."

Miss Kay Robertson of the A&E series "Duck Dynasty."  (Art Streiber/A&E)

In “The Women of Duck Dynasty,” Lisa Robertson opens up about  being molested by an extended family member. She spent a lot of time at her grandmother’s house after school and from the ages of seven to fourteen was repeatedly molested by an unnamed family member. She did not tell her mother until many years later.

Robertson also reveals that in the late 1990’s she had an affair that lasted over a year. When confronted by Alan about it she denied but then broke down and admitted it. Alan asked her to move out and the two separated for about two months before reconciling.

Amazingly Miss Kay fully forgives her eldest daughter-in-law. She told Rob Shuter of VH-1’s “The Gossip Table” that it was an easy thing to do.

“I felt that Lisa had a good heart,” she explains. “She had a lot of problems growing up that no one knew about. She just let the devil take control and make bad choices. I knew she was a good person under that. When she changed and followed the Lord it was easy to forgive her.”

Kay remembers that when her son first found out about the affair he ran over to his parent’s home. “We woke up to him at the foot of our bed sobbing, just crying,” she says. “We woke up to that and of course it just broke our hearts. It really did. It was like I was stabbed by a knife and yet we knew if Phil could change she could change.”