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Kim Kardashian Attends NBC Upfronts in Maybe the Lowest-Cut Dress We've Seen


 (Associated Press)

We're not entirely sure what sure what the NBC's "upfronts" are, but that's exactly where our eyes were drifting when we saw what Kim Kardashian decided to wear to them.

On Thursday, Kim and her sister Khloe attended the NBC Universal Cable Entertainment upfronts in New York City (which we now understand to be a presentation of NBC's upcoming shows and projects for the benefit of journalists and advertisers). Both women donned skin-tight LBDs for the occasion, but only one of those dresses flaunted a plunging neckline that looked like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

Both dresses also boasted thigh-high slits — Kim's in the middle and Khloe's up the left side — that showcased even more skin. In fact, during the event, Kim and Khloe revealed their special routine for determining if their outfits are too revealing.

The Kardashian sisters were on hand to appear during a brief presentation for the E! Entertainment Network (owned by NBC Universal Cable), during which Kim managed to flub the phrase “NBC Universal Cable Entertainment upfront," which, admittedly, is a mouthful.

"I never mess up a teleprompter and I just did," she reportedly told the crowd.

Other famous guests included fellow E! personalities Joan Rivers and Joel McHale, and also actor Zac Efron, who self-deprecatingly joked that "show business is like Zac Efron on a meth run — it never sleeps."

Khloe Kardashian also took the opportunity to instagram a photo highlighting the sisters' most famous assets.