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Whoopi Goldberg says Jay-Z had the right to hit Solange

whoopi goldberg standing reuters.jpg

May 14, 2014. Actress Whoopi Goldberg arrives for "A Celebration of Barbara Walters Cocktail Reception" in New York. (Reuters)

Well, it's called "The View" for a reason. 

The ladies on talk show weighed in on the alleged fracas between Jay-Z and his sister-in-law Solange Knowles and Whoopi Goldberg voiced a controversial opinion about physical violence between men and women. 

In a clip from Tuesday's episode that has since been making the rounds on various blogs, Goldberg suggested that a video that allegedly showed Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles violently attacking Jay-Z should have played out differently. 

“I think Solange was quite ready for him to do whatever he was going to do,” the 58-year-old performer said. “This is the thing: If anybody hits you, you have the right – I know that many people are raised in a different way – but if a woman hits you, to me, you have the right to hit her back.”

Barbara Walters then inquired if Goldberg believed that even if it was OK for a man to hit a woman. Goldberg replied, “If I slap a man, he has every right to slap me back.”

In the leaked tape which takes place in an elevator at the Standard Hotel, a woman, reportedly Solange, repeatedly lunges and attempts to kick a man who is said to be Jay-Z. He refuses to engage and only tries to deflect her blows and kicks.