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Angelina Jolie Suffers Major Makeup Malfunction and Hugh Jackman Loves His New 'X Men' Movie

Hugh Jackman - or Wolverine, to all you X-Men fans - talks about what to expect from the upcoming sequel.


Here's what's happening in the world:

When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrived for the premiere of HBO's "The Normal Heart," Jolie emerged from their ride with white, powdery makeup caked all over her face. Yeah … white, powdery makeup. That's what it was.

In more Brangelina news, sources say Brad Pitt is nearing a deal to star in HBO's anthology series "True Detective," but details of the role are murky. Just expect him to serve as the handsome half of next season's duo.

Excited for "X Men: Days of Future Past" yet? Us too. FOX recently had the chance to talk with Hugh Jackman — Wolverine himself  — about what fans can expect from the new film. Check him out in the video above.

Kim Kardashian might be sick of everybody gawking at her butt, because she just uploaded a picture of her toned abs on Instagram. (Just kidding! Kim Kardashian is never sick of everybody gawking at her butt!)



"Divergent" actress Shailene Woodley isn't content to merely tell us about her odd eating habits or sexual preferences, because now she wants us to know that she prefers going bra-less. "No bra, no problem!" she told InStyle.

While promoting "The Giver" at the Library of Congress on Monday, the movie's producers wanted to make it clear that Taylor Swift has a very minor role in the film, lest we all feel deceived on opening night and begin rioting in the theaters.

As you're probably well aware by now, leaked footage from the Met Gala afterparty shows Beyonce's sister Solange violently attacking Jay Z during the longest elevator ride in history.

Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child secretly married her boyfriend/manager, Tim Witherspoon, in Costa Rica on Friday. Beyonce and Solange flew in on a private jet the night before, presumably in awkward silence.

Zack Snyder, the director of the upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel, tweeted out a photo of the back of the new Batmobile on Monday, teasing that he'll show us the rest sometime on Tuesday. It's probably a safe bet to assume it'll be similarly black and clunky, and feature front wheels of some sort.

Could be time to pull the tarp...Tomorrow? http://t.co/Nmm0QqWYYH pic.twitter.com/E6iKluZNDj

— ZackSnyder (@ZackSnyder) May 12, 2014

   Miley Cyrus reportedly made a joke about using date rape drugs. We forgive you for not being surprised anymore.

A group of Boy Scouts rescued Ann Curry after finding the former "Today" show anchor stranded on a New Mexico hiking trail with a broken ankle, presumably earning their WTF Badges in the process.

Legendary radio host Casey Kasem is missing, at least as far as his children and the city of Los Angeles are concerned. In case you find yourself speechless, here's Kasem demonstrating the appropriate reaction to this news, via the animated paranormal investigator he once voiced:

Perhaps jealous that his underage sister got tons of media attention for posing with a shirtless dude, Jayden Smith acted as the shirtless dude in his very own social media photo, with an underage Kylie Jenner playing the part of Willow.

Clippers fans booed Justin Bieber when he was shown on the Jumbotron this past Sunday night, because it's not like they don't already have a very obvious person to direct their anger towards.

Also on Sunday, Bieber was also photographed in a pair of ridiculously oversized floral shorts that somehow make parachute pants seem modest by comparison.

On Monday, Heidi Klum Instagrammed a photo of herself at the age of 13, proving that she was never the awkward, gangly child we were all secretly hoping she was.

And finally, Clay Aiken's main rival in the Democatic primary race for North Carolina's Second Congressional Distric seat died on Monday, but that doesn't mean the former "American Idol" contestant has automatically won. County officials still have to decide if he's to be the Democratic candidate, presumably after another sing-off against Ruben Studdard.