ESPN analyst Jay Bilas gives hilarious commencement speech

ESPN analyst Jay Bilas

ESPN analyst Jay Bilas

ESPN basketball analyst Jay Bilas gave some invaluable real world advice in his commencement speech to Queens University of Charlotte graduates last Saturday reports The New York Post.

Bilas, who played basketball and received a law degree from Duke University, delivered pearls wisdom to students including, “Don’t click on Internet porn at work,” and that men should wear an undershirt underneath a suit and tie.

“Don’t ask me why. Just do it. It just works,” he said.

Bilas, who still has a great face for TV despite a little thinning on top, said graduates should “take tons of pictures,” adding, “In the future, you are really going to like the way that you look now. This is the smallest your butt will ever be, and you have the most hair now that you’ll ever have.”