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Jennifer Lopez's Super-Short Dress and Taylor Swift's A Brunette

Jackson Galaxy, the host of Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell," explains how your living situation can cause your cat's primal nature to suffer.


This is what's going on, people:

On Thursday night's "American Idol," Jennifer Lopez wore one of the tightest, shortest dresses ever seen on a judge. Are you taking notes, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Jackson Galaxy, the host of Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell," explains why your cat can sometimes be a little furry jerk. Hear what he told us in the video above.

JustJared has a photo of Taylor Swift as a brunette from the upcoming film "The Giver," and if nothing else, it serves to prove just how forgettable Taylor Swift's face can be with a little less makeup and mousier hair.

Swift was also spotted hanging out with Kelly Osbourne, who Instagrammed a photo of the two of them in a tree. We're guessing it was Swift's idea, as she probably wanted to know what it felt like to be a distressed cat.

British supermodel Cara Delevingne uploaded an Instagram video from Monday night's Met gala, in which (a possibly drunken) Reese Witherspoon makes fun of Cara's "stupid French" surname. (Warning: Language is bleeped, but probably still NSFW.)

As Hilaria Baldwin has made clear in the past, she's quite fond of doing yoga in places where you wouldn't expect people to be doing yoga. Her latest venue was midway down the lane at a bowling alley, which obviously made bowling very difficult for the Midway Plumbing Marauders who were just trying to participate in their weekly league.

Mariah Carey posed in lingerie for a photoshoot with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson. And look! Her two tiny children were there! How fantastically inappropriate!

Mila Kunis claims that her fiance, Ashton Kutcher, keeps a secondary fridge stocked with stereotypical pregnancy foods to satisfy her cravings. For instance, if she wanted a pickle, he simply runs over and gets it. And, if history is any indication, he returns with it only hours later:

This past Thursday on Twitter, Lady Gaga voiced her annoyance with Katy Perry for copying her green hair and penchant for prop horses during concerts. But if there's one person who should be really annoyed with the both of them, it's Granny Smith from "My Little Pony," who has been doing this green-horse thing since way before anybody.

Michael Douglas reportedly hurt his groin during his son's recent bar mitzvah, which makes us wonder what kinds of horrific injuries he'd sustain during a friendly game of touch football.

Former "Jersey Shore" reality star Snooki has announced the sex of her unborn child, revealing it to be a little Snookina as opposed to another bundle of Snookino.

Miley Cyrus went out to a London club on Thursday evening in a full ensemble, yet managed to ditch most of her clothes before exiting. But she kept her bra and pants on, if only because she needed something to shed at her next stop.

Hugh Jackman's nose can't seem to catch a break. The actor revealed he had yet another surgery to remove another Basal-cell carcinoma from his nose, and shared a picture of his bandaged — yet impossibly handsome — face online.

Do you ever sit and wonder what Fred Durst is up to these days? Us neither. Despite this, the internet has informed us that he's now directing eHarmony commercials, which is only a slight step down from directing Ice Cube in the 2008 family film "The Longshots."

Nicole Kidman revealed that her husband sometimes calls her by the Hawaiian nickname Hokulani, which she earned because she was born on the island of Oahu. 

Christy Turlington was photographed in New York City on Thursday, and holy cow, there's no way she's actually 45.

Mel Gibson grew himself an extremely pointy ombre beard that Buzzfeed is comparing to an iceberg.

Now that they're separated, Paula Patton defied Robin Thicke's adamant stance against naked women and went topless in the new issue of Vanity Fair. (Just kidding! Robin loves topless women! Probably always will!)

And finally, the man who most recently voiced Tony the Tiger has died at the age of 64. We admit, we don't know much about Lee Marshall, but anyone who could make a bloodthirsty tiger seem affable in only two syllables couldn't have been a bad guy.