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Sally Field, Julia Roberts Curse Like Sailors on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'



With a few notable exceptions, Sally Field and Julia Roberts tend to make the kinds of critically lauded films and uplifting romantic movies that the whole family might enjoy. But don't think for a second that they can't swear like a Joe Pesci or Samuel L. Jackson if they wanted to.

On a recent episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the two Oscar-winning actresses went head to head in a battle of witty obscenities for a game Kimmel called "Celebrity Curse-Off." The rules were simple enough: Both women would take turns delivering their most creative cuss words (or strings of cuss words), until they ran out of time or ideas. In other words, the first actress who failed to spew an expletive in the time allotted would lose. The winner, on the other hand, would be awarded a large bar of soap on a rope.

Kimmel began the segment with a coin toss, which gave Sally Field first dibs on uttering a bad word. Before she could start, however, Roberts was already noticeably flustered.

"Wait … alright, why am I in a curse-off with the Flying Nun?" said Roberts, to which Kimmel jokingly assured Roberts that Fields' "nun-ship" had been revoked.

Once the game got underway, Field quickly gained the upper hand with a few major four-letter words, but Roberts held her own with a string of unsavory terms.

To find out who won, be sure to watch the entire "Celebrity Curse-Off" segment below. Most of the offensive language is bleeped, but maybe don't watch this one in front of the kids.