Kris Humphries’ spotlight drastically faded when he divorced mega starlet Kim Kardashian, but he seems to still think he’s a big shot.

The basketball star turned up at the Kentucky Derby over the weekend, and he gallivanted around with a huge, obnoxious entourage, a spy at the weekend’s events told FOX411.

His group of friends crowded around him and even tried to accompany him down the red carpet, the source said.

“They were escorted off the carpet at one point but made such a commotion insisting that Kris was expecting to meet them following his ‘long walk’ down,” our source said. “After Kris was finished with interviews they greeted him as if he himself had just won the Kentucky Derby and continued to post up with their fearless leader by their side…”

Later, his crew annoyed the real celebs that attended a bash hosted by Grey Goose.

“On Saturday his band of lemmings crowded the bar, making it difficult for actual VIPs to get one of the [specialty drinks] being served,” the spy told us.

Humphries and his group later flocked to an upscale party at the Prime Lounge, but they showed up too early and were spotted lurking near the entrance until other celebs turned up.

While at the Derby, Humphries posted a series of Twitter pics showing him and his boys dressed in suits for the events. He wrote, “The fellas & I had an epic time...”

Though Humphries currently plays for the Boston Celtics, he is best-known for his highly publicized 72-day-marriage to Kim Kardashian. Their courtship, wedding, marriage and divorce were chronicled by E! cameras on the Kardashian’s reality shows. Rumors have swirled for several years that their marriage was crafted to boost ratings.

A rep for the NBA player did not immediately return FOX411’s request for comment.