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Can being a virgin actually help you stand out in Hollywood?

Can going public with your plans to abstain from sex earn you extra cred in Tinseltown?


A handful of celebrities over the years have announced they were saving sex for marriage, including the Jonas Brothers, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, and most recently, TV host Megan Alexander, who talked to FOX411 about her pledge to abstain from sex until she tied the knot.

“I want to encourage the next generation to take their time to value their bodies, and it’s ok to wait if you want to," she said.

Alexander’s purity vow raised the question: Could being a virgin in Hollywood actually can help a celebrity stand out from the crowd?

“It’s not a turn off when celebrities hold on to their virginity," said Hollywood Life.com editor Bonnie Fuller. "I think they are admired for it.”

“We give celebrities a public forum, and we do want to know what’s going on inside their lives, and inside their heads," Fuller added. "Fans appreciate hearing what they really believe.”

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But Maxim TV Director Ken Shadford had a less optimistic perspective.

“The only way that this characteristic has any crowd appeal is with people who end up wanting to be hypocritical about it, so they can judge them when they lose their virginity at some point, which they always end up doing," he said.

Shadford said celebs should keep their bedroom happenings -- or lack thereof -- too themselves rather than broadcast their V-card status.

“Celebrities should always keep this sort of information to themselves but unfortunately, publicists, they’re always going to want this to get out there because it keeps a story," Shadford said. " It keeps them in the news cycle.” 

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