Juan Gabriel's Representative: Mexican Singer Does Not Have Intestinal Cancer

Juan Gabriel in a November, 2009 file photo in Las Vegas.

Juan Gabriel in a November, 2009 file photo in Las Vegas.  (2009 Getty Images)

Mexican singer Juan Gabriel does not have intestinal cancer, his representatives said, countering rumors reported by a Mexican publication.

Gabriel’s representatives in the United States, told People en Español that the articles published on Tuesday regarding the singer’s health were “wrong,” adding that on Thursday they would be making further announcements regarding his future plans.

Gabriel, 64, was hospitalized in Las Vegas last week after falling ill after a concert. He was diagnosed with pneumonia. He was released a week later, but re-admitted that same night for a couple of hours.

In a statement on the singer’s official Facebook page on Tuesday, his U.S. reps said Gabriel was recuperating considerably well day-to-day, adding that because of the doctor’s recommendation of absolute rest, there would not be any interviews to the press.

In the Mexican publication TV Notas, a source described as being close to the singer said “el Divo de Juárez” was taken to the hospital again because he has been suffering from intestinal cancer for the last three years. The source added that Gabriel does not believe in western medicine and that every so often he has a recurrence.

Several sources close to the singer denied the report, telling People en Español that Gabriel was taken to the hospital again because of nerves after a paparazzo supposedly followed him on the highway for more than 40 minutes.

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