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Cameron Diaz Doesn't Use Deodorant and Kate Middleton Calls Out Her Fat Baby



Here's the celeb news you need to know:

Cameron Diaz claims she hasn't used deodorant in 20 years because she "doesn't believe in antiperspirant." But we've seen antiperspirant at the drug store, Cameron. It literally exists. Maybe it's time to start believing.

People magazine has chosen "12 Years a Slave" actress Lupita Nyong'o as this year's Most Beautiful Woman. They won't choose a Sexiest Man Alive for several more months, but c'mon, we can all just assume it'll be Jared Leto. Who do you think should have won? Vote in our poll below.

Courtney Cox told David Letterman that there won't be a "Friends" reunion anytime soon, but Dave probably didn't care, seeing as he didn't even know how many "Friends" there were in the cast. (It was six, Dave. There were six of them.)

Mila Kunis is actually starting to look pregnant in this latest picture from her and Ashton's New Orleans vacation. Not that we thought she was faking, or anything.

In completely unrelated news, some of Lindsay Lohan's friends think she's lying about her miscarriage story. "She absolutely made it up," one source told Radar Online.

Kate Middleton says that Prince George has already grown another fat roll during their South Pacific outing. Geez, between this and poking fun at her husband's hair, Kate's really becoming quite the nag, huh?

Appearing topless on the cover of Rolling Stone apparently wasn't controversial enough for "Veep" star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, because now she's nude and having sex with a clown in her latest photoshoot for GQ.

Mila Kunis is actually starting to look pregnant in this latest picture from her and Ashton's New Orleans vacation. Not that we thought she was faking, or anything.

Drew Barrymore gave birth to her second daughter on Tuesday, which she promptly named Frankie despite its gender.

Kim Kardashian was photographed purchasing several copies of the Vogue magazine with her face on it. (And also a single copy of the Sports Illustrated Swimsut Issue, because why not?) But don't act like you wouldn't do exactly the same thing if your face was on Vogue.

While filming her music video for "Birthday," Katy Perry staged an elaborate prank in which she dressed like a clown and caused a car accident in front of a child's entire 5th birthday party. But hey, it's like they always say: You can't make a good music video without traumatizing a few kids.

Christie Brinkley says the secret to her success as a model was the fact that she "was not skinny like the other girls." We're also guessing that being naturally gorgeous didn't hurt.

Kris Jenner reportedly bought her mother a $200 bong to help ease the elderly woman's back pain. It's unknown whether Jenner purchased the entire "Harold and Kumar" saga for her soon-to-be-stoned mother, as well.

Tom Cruise's rumored love interest (and "Orange is the New Black" actress) Laura Prepon has responded to all the speculation surrouding their couplehood, calling it "false" and "unbelievable."

Ooh, drama! Selena Gomez reportedly unfollowed Taylor Swift's Instagram account on Tuesday. Gomez will presumably look elsewhere to satisfy her needs for pretty pictures of flowers and soft-core food porn.

And finally, Jay Z and Beyonce won't be attending the Paris wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, reportedly because they don't want to appear on the cheesy two-hour "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" E! special that will undoubtedly document the event.