Mary Lynn Rajskub: '24' character Chloe O’Brian goes rogue



“24” fans may be surprised to learn that Mary Lynn Rajskub who plays analyst Chloe O’Brian started her career as a stand-up comic and comedic actress appearing on shows like “Veronica’s Closet.” The 42-year-old appeared on “24” at the beginning of season three and quickly became a fan favorite. It was not a gig she expected to last. "I thought I'm good for four episodes and then they're going to get rid of me," she exclaimed. Rajskub spoke to FOX411 from London where the show is being filmed.

FOX411: Can you tell us anything about the new season without being executed?

Mary Lynn Rajskub: I know that Jack has been completely exiled. He’s on the run again. There’s a CIA agent who’s after him and believes he has a plot to kill the President who is played by William Devane. There’s a bunch of us out here in London pretty much for the whole duration. Kim Raver is back as the President’s daughter. My character has become completely anti-government as a result of what happened at the end of season eight. I work for an Ed Snowden type character leaking government papers so that's really different for me because before I was a rule follower, techie nerd, working for the government, for the greater good. I have suffered personal tragedy that I blame on the government so I've become completely anti-government and that's what puts both Jack and I in London. The political side of it deals with the British Prime Minister and the President having issues over drone policies.

FOX411: Has doing this show changed your views on the government?

Rajskub: That's a really interesting question. '24' is not an anti-government show really. We've always relied on Jack to fight for the greater good in his own way and at times '24' is very patriotic. For me personally I definitely pay attention to things in a different way. I think sometimes we go through our lives and we think about everything happening out there and so to be able to act in this show kind of personalizes it and if anything it's a personal responsibility thing. 

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FOX411: Do you find that you have more Republican or Democrat fans?

Rajskub: It's funny because it kind of runs the gamut. Like I've heard Barbra Streisand is a huge fan and people in different parts of the world watch it as a reflection of U.S. policies.

FOX411: You have a comedic background. Did you think it was a goof when you got cast?

Rajskub: Early on there were some executives standing around the set and joking with me, 'Yeah we didn't know if you could do it.' Definitely early on I was thinking, 'Well they're not going to keep me on the show. I'm too weird,' but that ended up working in my favor. Joel Surnow (show's co-creator) was responsible for keeping me on the show. There was one episode where I started to try to talk like this (adopts a growly Steven Seagal voice) because I thought I was just too odd and I was going to get fired. He came up to after he watched the dailies and he said, 'Don't do that. We like you the way you are.'

FOX411: Any drinking nights with Keifer?

Rajskub: (Laughs) There have been a couple. I'm sure there will be a couple more.

FOX411: Where do you see the show ending?

Rajskub: I think it kind of makes a weird sort of sense to do 12 now the way people are watching things now. I think it's going to go by really fast and I'll be really curious to see how it's received. I can't imagine after this they wouldn't do more. In true '24' fashion I've just read episodes seven and eight and I still have no idea what will happen to any of the characters. I'm like, 'How are they going to wrap it up in twelve? Oh my God what is going to happen?!'