Sofia Vergara: Sexy without funny = cheesy

'Modern Family' star opens up


Actress Sofia Vergara is bringing her signature mix of sexy and funny to the new film "Fading Gigolo," which also stars Sharon Stone and John Turturro, and hits theaters on Friday. FOX411 spoke with Vergara about taking on the comedic role, and how key a sense of humor is when it comes to being sexy. 

FOX411: What was it about this film that got you involved, you probably have to be picky with your busy TV schedule?

Sofia Vergara: Yeah of course. Unfortunately I can't really do whatever I want because my priority has to be filming for "Modern Family" in Los Angeles. But for example, this was a part that was perfect for me because it was a small role. I actually did it while I was filming "Modern Family," my hiatus week I flew into New York and I was able to do the character. It had everything I wanted… John Turturro directing it, it was Woody Allen, it was perfect."

FOX411: It’s another sexy but goofy fun part. How important is sense of humor when it comes to being sexy?

Vergara: I think it's amazing, it needs to have some humor, if not, it becomes very cheesy I think.

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FOX411: You’re giving out tips now from beauty to style so what’s the number one tip you like to give?

Vergara: A lot of women ask me how do you look so great now that you're 40 something, and this and that, and you know I always try to tell them the things that I've been doing throughout my whole life or what I'm doing in that moment.

Vergara: Do you ever turn it off, wear sweats, no make-up?

Vergara: Not really...  I love makeup, I love being well put together and you know, I'm Latin, we usually get ready even to take our kids for school... so it hasn't really been a torture for me that I have to be made up all day long.  Of course it’s not like I’m perfect with huge hair… but pretty much all the time yeah (laughs).

FOX411: As you continue to build your empire, what’s next?

Vergara: Right now I’m doing something  that is super important to me, that I wanted to do for the longest time since I started my career and it’s launching my new fragrance. It's coming out in May and it's called Sofia and I think hopefully my fans are going to like it because I put a lot of work into it and I think it's (smells wrist) it’s delicious.

FOX411: How does it feel to be at that place in your career where you can pick whatever you want to do next?

Vergara: It’s amazing, it’s great, it feels very rewarding.  Of course I do like I said, I have to first think about "Modern Family" because of the schedule but you know I also have to thank "Modern Family" that it has given me all of these opportunities to do all the other things that I wanted to do.

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