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Kate Middleton Ribs Prince William and Victoria's Secret Model Posts Naked Photo



Here's what everybody's talking about today:

Because subtlety is for losers, Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel uploaded an Instagram photo of her naked body with only a cat's head covering her privates.

During a stop at a festival in New South Wales, Australia, Kate Middleton poked fun at William's bald spot, suggesting that he cover it up with some alpaca fur from a local farmer. He reportedly laughed, presumably while seething from within.

On an episode of Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live," Lindsay Lohan confirmed that yes, she definitely made that list of sex partners, which she claims she wrote as part of an Alcoholics Anonymous exercise. But whether she actually had sex with all those people is still up for debate.

Speaking of "Watch What Happens," Joan Rivers revealed to Andy Cohen that Gwyneth Paltrow once yelled at her over a "Fashion Police" segment, the called her "the world's most beautiful woman … voted by Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder."

On Thursday, Chelsea Clinton announced that she's pregnant with her first child, giving Bill some of his most popular Twitter fodder in weeks.

From the looks of these pictures at Us Weekly, Al Pacino evidently sits in the tanning bed until his skin reaches a shade somewhere between "oompa loompa" and "Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino."

Miley Cyrus is said to face a long recovery from the severe allergic reaction that caused her to cancel three "Bangerz" tour dates so far. But as a consolation, she's begun taking sub-par selfies from her hospital bed!

The very first trailer for the film version of "Jersey Boys" has been released. Get ready for the story of the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons as seen through the lens of the guy who directed "Space Cowboys"!

Like most potheads, Whoopi Goldberg likes talking about pot. So much so, that she's going to start writing a bi-monthly column about cannabis for the Denver Post.

Forbes has named Puff Daddy the richest man in hip hop with an estimated net worth of $700 million. But they're being a bit narrow-minded, because as we all know, Puffy doesn't make is fortune in hip hop anymore; he makes it in Fiat and cable commercials.

In what seems to pass for comedy these days, Justin Bieber uploaded a video of himself serenading his manager with a song about butts.

The girl who played Robin Williams' daughter in "Mrs. Doubtfire" is adamant about not appearing in the sequel, explaining her belief that they "generally suck" in a Twitter post. Hollywood will presumably respond by saying, "Who cares? Robin Williams is on board, and that should be good enough for a few hundred mil!"

Just in case we hadn't noticed that she lost 50 pounds, Rosie O'Donnell tweeted out a side-by-side comparison shot on Thursday.

Looks like bad news for the Orange Julius purveyors of Ameria: According to a new report, teens aren't going to the mall as much as they used to, preferring instead to gather at dining establishments to spend their money on food.

The man who accused "X Men" director Bryan Singer of sexually assaulting him back in the late '90s is now detailing Singer's (and other Hollywood moguls') alleged use of drugs and booze to entice and seduce young actors.

And finally, instead of internalizing the criticism and tweaking his performance in Broadway's "Of Mice and Men," James Franco has opted to respond to a theater critic's negative review by calling him "a little b****" and "an idiot."