Tom Cruise and Laura Prepon dating, report says

It would be a match made in Scientology heaven, if Scientology had a heaven, but it does not.

Tom Cruise is dating "Orange Is the New Black" star Laura Prepon, Page Six reports.

“It’s the buzz on the set of her show,” the insider told the gossip column.

Prepon, who plays a lesbian drug dealer on the hit Netflix show, and Cruise, who recently got dumped by Katie Holmes, are trying very hard to keep their relationship a secret, but have reportedly been spotted on multiple occasions.

The British magazine Grazia reported the two were an item as early as last fall.

“They spent three hours laughing and joking. It’s clear Tom is smitten and after the date he was on cloud nine,” the magazine reported. “They had their second date at the restaurant, too, meeting for Sunday brunch, and then she accompanied him a few days later to a dinner party at John [Travolta]’s home.”

Reps for both denied the reports, however.

Prepon, 34, once dated fellow Scientologist and “Malcolm in the Middle” star Chris Masterson.

Cruise, 51, has been married three times.