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Taylor Swift's Supermodel Legs and Ice Cube's Beef With Paul Walker



Here's what caught our eye today:

Taylor Swift and former road-trip buddy Karlie Kloss (the Victoria's Secret Angel) evidently like to coordinate their outfits so they can both show as much leg as humanly possible.

Kurt Cobain's daughter Frances Bean was spotted at Coachella holding hands with a dude that looks a lot like her dad. Though, in all fairness, 90 percent of the dudes at Coachella are trying to look a lot like her dad.

And because Coachella is also where rich kids go to be edgy, Kendall Jenner wore a shirt that displayed a proud message about the size of her breasts, but in less-than-dainty words. You can probably already imagine what it reads. (Link is maybe NSFW.)

Ice Cube told USA Today that he was robbed at the MTV Movie Awards, and that he (and comedian Kevin Hart) only lost the Best Onscreen Duo award because Vin Diesel and Paul Walker got all the "sympathy" votes.

Alexa Ray Joel, the daughter of musician Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley, collapsed on-stage while performing to a sold-out crowd in New York City. But she's totally fine now.

Miley Cyrus has already given away her new puppy, because she's already milked it for as much publicity as she can she says it's still "too soon" for a new pet after the death of her former dog Floyd.

Gwyneth Paltrow threw an uncharacteristically normal backyard birthday party for her son Moses, except for the food trucks serving traditional Indian street food and gourmet hot dogs.

Jenny McCarthy of "The View" wrote an editorial for the Chicago Sun-Times in which she states that she is not — nor has she ever been — opposed to vaccinating children. Although some blogs are already pointing out that she's kind of bending the truth.

David Fincher ("Fight Club," "The Social Network") will no longer be directing a Steve Jobs biopic for Sony, presumably because he already saw the Ashton Kutcher version and decided not to mess with perfection.

In a video posted to YouTube, "Breaking Bad" actor Bryan Cranston helped a 17-year-old fan ask his crush to the prom by basically threatening the girl in his Walter White voice.

An "edible inventor" (i.e., chef who creates weird stuff) named Charlie Harry Francis told the Huffington Post that he was once commissioned to create a Viagara-laced ice cream for an A-list celebrity party that presumably turned into an A-list celebrity orgy.

MTV reality star and "Jersey Shore" alum JWoww says that she "****ing hate[s]" being pregnant. Pregnancy has not yet issued a response about whether the feeling is mutual.

British talk show host Graham Norton tricked actress Emma Stone into thinking she was going to meet her idols, the Spice Girls, during a visit to his show. But don't feel bad for Emma — she's already met two of them.

Ever wonder how Joe Biden maintains his gorgeous, glowing skin? Of course you don't! But that didn't stop Biden from revealing his secret on "The Rachael Ray Show," where he told Ray that wife Jill got him hooked on Clinique moisturizer five years ago.

Zac Efron is reportedly dating his "Neighbors" co-star Halston Sage, which is the name of a 20-year-old blonde actress, and not the color of your neighbor's couch. (That's Hushed Sage.)

And finally, Dominos is now giving customers the option of ordering pizza with a fried-chicken crust instead of dough, because the word "pizza" has clearly lost all meaning to the executives at Dominos.