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Brooklyn Decker Reveals Her Secret to Suppressing Sweat on 'Live! With Kelly and Michael'



For the majority of us, slapping on some anti-perspirant is enough to prevent us from sweating. Then there's people like Brooklyn Decker, who require much more drastic measures.

On Tuesday's episode of "Live! With Kelly and Michael," the model-turned-actress explained how she sometimes sweats profusely, especially under hot studio lights. Accordingly, she then asked the studio audience if she was "pitting out" through her Valentino jumpsuit.

Her biggest revelation, however, came when she went into detail about her on-set sweat-suppression regimen, which she employs during the filming of her new CBS series "Friends With Better Lives."

"I don't know if I can say this," began the 26-year-old actress. "They give you pads, menstrual pads, to put in your armpits … to hide the sweat. So we're shooting the pilot and I'm stuffing pads in my clothing."

Without missing a beat, Kelly Ripa jokingly revealed a similar routine that "Live!" producer Michael Gelman practices, causing co-host Michael Strahan to nearly fall out of his chair.

See the footage for yourself courtesy of E! News:

Hey, whatever works, right?