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Taylor Swift's Crop-Top and Kim Kardashian's Instagram Fail



Here's the skinny:

Taylor Swift pulled a bit of an Angelina-Jolie-at-the-2012-Oscars and tried her darnedest to show off some leg (as well as those abs) at the ACM Awards on Sunday evening.

Speaking of the ACMs, JustJared has the full list of winners, as well as Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan's opening monologue. Here they are tackling such Jay Leno-worthy topics as same-sex marriage, legalized marijuana, and Britney Spears' Las Vegas residency.

Kristen Stewart changed her hair for a role in the upcoming film "American Ultra," dying it orange. She's decided to keep the same smug face, though.

Kim Kardashian uploaded a found image of Thailand to Instagram and tried to pass it off as her own.

Some nudish pictures of Demi Lovato in bed with boyfriend (and "yo mamma" joke afficionado) Wilmer Valderrama have leaked to the internet, revealing their mutual love of biting on each other's faces.

Diminutive yet legendary actor Mickey Rooney died on Sunday. He was 93.

Barbara Walters will be making her last appearance on ABC's "The View" on May 16, leaving the show with one less voice of sanity.

Her beloved dog Floyd died only last Wednesday, yet Miley Cyrus already has a new puppy named Moonie, who clearly does not know what he's in for.

Amanda Bynes has taken a break from tossing things out of high-rise hotels and setting driveways on fire to upload a few bikini shots to Twitter. Here she is looking relatively sane in her yellow two-piece.

Hey, remember "The Goonies"? Director Richard Donner hopes so, because he's planning a sequel to the beloved '80s cult classic about Corey Feldman and the dude from "Rudy" hunting for lost treasure.

Mila Kunis will be appearing on "Two and a Half Men" alongside boyfriend and series regular Ashton Kutcher to make some easy jokes and obvious allusions to their off-screen relationship.

Bruce Springsteen performed a perfunctory cover of Van Halen's "Jump" at the March Madness Music Fest in Dallas, because he could care less about your busted March Madness bracket.

A man with extremely large pants was arrested for trespassing at Selena Gomez's Los Angeles home — for a second time. But in his defense, she's historically had a thing for guys in large, ridiculous pants.

William, Kate and little Prince George have officially begun their royal tour, arriving in Wellington, New Zealand, to enjoy traditional nose-presses (literally pressing their noses against others as a greeting) and Maori warriors with butt-cheek tattoos.

And finally, Starbucks analysts have determined the most-ordered drinks (by volume) for several American cities, including cold-as-hell Boston, where they still prefer iced coffee.