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Taylor Swift Visits Rhode Island Children's Hospital for Truly Good Deed



We like to poke fun at Taylor Swift every now and again (as evidenced in and probably a little bit in ), but there's no poking fun at her latest heartwarming endeavor.

On Wednesday, Swift dropped by the Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence, R.I., to hang out with the child patients and their families. The country/pop star arrived with her father Scott — but no entourage or professional photographers — and stayed for approximately five hours to visit, chat, and even sing, according to NBC affiliate WJAR-TV.

"I was like, no, I couldn't believe it," said the mother of a 9-year-old patient. "My son stared at her and I started crying."

Swift reportedly met with some patients individually, like the 9-year-old mentioned above, but also took the opportunity to sing a tune to the children sometime during the visit.

"It was such a special day for a lot of our kids, and we are so thankful to Taylor and her dad for choosing to spend their time with us and put smiles on so many faces," read a message on the hospital's Facebook page. And, at five hours, It was also the longest celebrity visit Hasbro Children's Hospital has ever had.

Like we said, we know we like to poke fun of Taylor, but we think she's earned a pass for the next few weeks. We, like her, are pretty much