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Nicole Kidman Sells Shoes and Jude Law Dishes On 'Dom Hemingway'

Jude Law tells Michael Tammero how he prepared to play an uninhibited character - and deliver said character's profanity-laden speeches - in "Dom Hemingway."


This is what's going down:

Nicole Kidman is all legs and no shirt (and likely some airbrushing) in her newest ad campaign for Jimmy Choo.

Curious about that "Dom Hemingway" movie with Jude Law? Of course you are, it looks like a riot. At a recent screening, Jude Law chatted with "In The FOXlight" host Michael Tammero about his character's mutton chops, among other things. Check it out in the video above.

Lindsay Lohan's credit cards were reportedly denied after she tried to purchase $300 worth of clothing from Rag & Bone in NYC. Lohan's rep is already denying it, which is a pretty good sign it's probably true.

Because they were bored and presumably in the same hotel, Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne pretended to fight over who was more famous in Canada. Then they uploaded a video of their shenanigans to Instagram, in case you wanted to see. (Beware: Miley's language is extremely NSFW.)

Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez are back from their topless vacation in Mexico, but by no means are they going to stop making out in public. The two were just spotted kissing in Miami, this time with their shirts on.

Orson Welles' daughter is auctioning off some of the "Citizen Kane" star's memorabilia on April 26th. We wonder if the lot also includes Welles' self-described "dumb red shirt" from his failed 1978 television pilot.

"Partridge Family" matriarch Shirley Jones had planned to go skydiving for her 80th birthday, but her friends and family don't want her dead, so they put a stop to that.

But c'mon! Get "Happy," Shirley! Everyone's favorite hat rack Pharrell Williams was announced as the newest mentor/judge/coach for NBC's upcoming seventh season of "The Voice," filling the roomy swivel-chair that previously contained Cee Lo Green.

Kate Middleton was reportedly shopping at the Gap while husband Prince William and grandmother-in-law Queen Elizabeth unveiled some life-size horse statues. So yeah, the Gap was probably the more interesting errand.

Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian both picked Monday to show off their swimwear on Instagram, with Kendall sporting a string bikini while older sis Khloe went for more of a retired-cruise-ship-captain's-wife kind of look. But with cleavage.

Look how much fun Joseph Gordon-Levitt is having at the Lakers game, watching those Laker Girls jump and kick and dance! It's hard to tell from those photos, he probably saw a bit of the basketball game, too!

Not content with the attention he garnered from rattling off the names of the famous women he's slept with, "America's Got Talent" judge Nick Cannon dyed his hair in cheetah print and posted a picture online.

In stark contrast to the suit he'll likely wear to the ceremony, Elton John and longtime partner David Furnish are planning for a "quiet" wedding sometime this May.

Exes Heather Locklear and Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora took a vacation to Hawaii with their daughter Ava. You know, because they've gotta hold on to what they've got. Doesn't make a difference if they eventually make it or not.

And finally, in what has to be an April Fool's Joke, Foodbeast is reporting that food-court staple Panda Express has annouced two new milkshake flavors: orange chicken and beef with broccoli. Again, this is probably an April Fool's joke, but who can be certain after KFC unveiled the Double Down with a straight face?