Maria Menounos will definitely not be missed by the staff at Extra. A source dished to Rob Shuter of VH-1’s “The Gossip Table” that the co-host was allegedly, “very difficult to work with, so difficult that she was known as Maria MEAN-nounos around the set.”

“Her entourage was bigger than Mariah (Carey),” claims the insider, “and on “Extra” it took her ten takes to do one interview. She makes a thousand excuses. The dog has always eaten her homework.”

She was not fired but apparently it was made clear that her contract would not be renewed. In the meantime Menounos has a reality show on Oxygen called “Chasing Maria Menounos” which features her living at home with her Greek immigrant parents and longtime boyfriend Kevin Undergaro. A running theme of the show is her parents pressuring their daughter to have children.

The source also claims that the soon to be ex-host has been pitching herself to “Good Morning America” but they are not interested. Menounos is also apparently looking to work in Greece where she is a popular personality.