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Vince Gill and Amy Grant brought closer through heartache

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Country music singer Amy Grant (L) and her husband Vince Gill posebetween songs during an appearance on NBC television's "Today Show" inNew York on July 12, 2002. Gill and Grant appeared as part of theshow's "Summer Concert Series." REUTERS/Peter MorganMMR - RTR7KCM

Vince Gill‘s wife, Amy Grant, has known her share of heartache. The singer, whose mother, Gloria, passed away in 2011, is watching the steady decline of her father, Burton, as well. But while the journey is heart-breaking, she says it is made much easier because of the support of her husband.

“Probably not a week goes by that Vince won’t say, ‘If you need me to hold you, just sit down here beside me and put your head on my shoulder,’” she tells Closer Weekly magazine. “He makes me laugh and he holds me.”

Like Grant’s mother, her father also has advanced-stage dementia, and no longer remembers her or her three sisters.

“It’s been a journey,” she acknowledges.“My dad has around-the-clock care because he needs assistance with everything — and we’ve all done it.”

But while the gospel music star might be facing a tragic situation, her husband says he does all he can to brighten her days.

“She can get on the serious side pretty easily, but I don’t get on the serious side very often,” Gill notes, “so in that respect, we balance each other well, because I think if you laugh every day you’ve had a good day.”

The Country Music Hall of Fame member adds that he still remembers what first attracted him to his wife, more than 20 years ago.

“The first thing that ever drew me to Amy was that smile,” he recalls. “I knew how kind she was and all of those things, but when she first smiled at me, that’s when my world flipped on its axis.”

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