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Hilaria Baldwin is Limber and Snooki is a Demon


 (Instagram/Hilaria Baldwin)

Here's the skinny:

Hilaria Baldwin is taking a page out of her step-daughter Ireland's Instagram playbook, because she just posted a very limber (and leggy) photo of herself practicing yoga in bed.

Snooki made a cameo appearance on the CW series "Supernatural," where she played a demon version of herself.

Oprah is teaming up with Starbucks to introduce a line of fancy teas in her never-ending quest to control the foods that you shove into your face (just as she's previously done with the films, books and TV you shove into your face).

In Touch has revealed more of Lindsay Lohan's alleged Hollywood lovers, from the list they reportedly obtained last week. Apparently, she digs the cast of "That 70s Show."

Actress and model Maggie Q arrived at the premiere of "Divergent" wearing a little black dress Shailene Woodley and Kate WInslet were there too, maybe. Or probably. It's actually hard to say. Those two were covered up, and therefore invisible to the photographers.

FX has just ordered a new comedy series starring Billy Crystal, because FX apparently noticed a severe lack of mugging and song parodies in their weekly line-up.

Pamela Anderson thought she looked like Anderson Cooper after getting her current pixie haircut. But she probably didn't feel too self-conscious about it, because here she is posing nude for Purple magazine.

TMZ is reporting that Charlie Sheen hasn't paid Denise Richards any child support in months, and that he's kicking her (and their two kids) out of the house he bought for her. In other words, he continues to be a stand-up guy!

Pat Sajak says that in his 30-plus years of hosting the show, this solve from Wednesday night's episode is the "most amazing" he's ever seen:

Evidently, there's a lack of jazzy numbers in today's pop music, because Tony Bennett just told BBC Radio that "the songs that are written today, most of them are terrible." Those are especially bold words from a man who barely writes his own songs.

Kim Kardashian filmed a guest spot on some show called "Celebrities Undercover," where she wore a disguise to fool everyday people into thinking that she wasn't Kim Kardashian (pictures here). We're still not sure what the actual goal of these shenanigans was.

To apologize for introducing her as"Adele Dazeem" at this year's Oscars, John Travolta sent Idina Menzel a big bouquet of flowers. Or as he might call them, a "frewkay of blonkers."

Kylie Minogue released a new music video for her song "Sexercise" featuring a bunch of sweaty male models exercising. Subtlety be damned.

"Mad Men" actress January Jones went nude on Instagram, showing off a few photos from her new photoshoot with Violey Grey magazine.

Vogue Australia has determined that Cate Blanchett was probably wearing the most expensive ensemble at this year's Oscars, including $18 million in jewelry.

Like an large child constantly reminding you that he's not actually overweight but instead big-boned, Prince Harry was apparently insisting to everyone on his South Pole excursion that he's not actually a redhead, but a blond.

And finally, McDonald's restaurants in San Diego are testing new "petite pastry" breakfast items with cinnamon cream cheese and raspberry fillings. It's just a shame that the stoners who would most appreciate these things will never make it to Mickey D's before 10:30 a.m.