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PHOTO: Victoria Beckham is Using a Treadmill Desk All Wrong



Normal folks usually slip on a pair of running shoes or sweatpants for a workout, but not Victoria Beckham. If you point Posh Spice at a piece of exercise equipment, she's hopping on, heels or no heels.

That was exactly the case during Beckham's Wednesday visit to Condé Nast College in London, where she tried out one of their innovative treadmill desks in a pair of 6-inch-plus stiletto heels.

Thank u @SusieCollege. Every office should have one of these,work out and work at the same time!! Genius!! X vb pic.twitter.com/OaaCuaIBZP

— Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) March 12, 2014

Granted, Beckham wasn't exactly prepared for a workout, as she was appearing at Condé Nast to give a lecture on fashion and design. But to us, she still looks completely natural tapping away at the keyboard while striding along in her stilettos. (She's all business, with just a side of fitness.)

A few hours later, Beckham shared another photo from her appearance, where she's seen chatting with college principal Susie Forbes in front of a crowd of students.

Inspiring afternoon with the students at @CNCollege – thank u Susie Forbes! X vb pic.twitter.com/QqpWFYpL1y

— Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) March 12, 2014

Whether or not she advocated thoses "genius" treadmill desks has yet to be reported.