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Kim Kardashian Wears Her Sister's Bikini and Miranda Lambert's Girl Crush


 (Kim Kardashian/Instagram)

Here's everything you don't need to know, but probably want to:

16-year-old  Kylie Jenner posted a bikini pic to Instagram on Wednesday, and not five hours later, so did her big sister Kim Kardashian — in the exact same bathing suit. You don't need a psychiatry degree to figure out what's happening here.

Speaking of Kim, she waved to her fans (i.e., paparazzi) from the balcony of the Versace Mansion in Miami on Wednesday, like she was some kind of friggin' queen or something. And is it just us, or did Kim's butt get even bigger?

David Letterman has to step up his game now that Jimmy Fallon is killing in the ratings, which is probably why he resorted to drinking raw eggs with Sylvester Stallone during a taping of "The Late Show" on Wednesday.

Miranda Lambert acted like a little schoolgirl around Carrie Underwood,  who joins her for a duet on her upcoming album "Platinum." "It took me forever to write the email to ask her, like I was writing to someone I had a crush on and you don't want to mess it up," she told PEOPLE.com.

Following in her older sister Mary Kate's extremely tiny footsteps, actress Elizabeth Olsen is now engaged to boyfriend Boyd Holbrook.

HBO's upcoming rock n' roll drama series from Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger evidently needs some young, attractive faces, because they've just recruited Olivia Wilde and Juno Temple.

On one of the final episodes of "Piers Morgan Live," talk-show host Chelsea Handler scolded Morgan for ignoring her during the commercial break and called him "a terrible interviewer."

George Zimmerman's parents are suing Roseanne Barr over tweets she sent out after the Trayvon Martin shooting, because they claim she revealed their home address.

Shaquille O'Neal admitted to the Wall Street Journal that he spends $1,000 a week in iPhone apps, including 20 deer-hunting games during his last spree.

"Divergent" actress Shailene Woodley stopped by "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon," where she handed him a horseradish root that looked as much like male genetalia as horseradish possibly can. 

Kate Middleton has been giving Cressida Bonas advice on how to handle life in the public eye, which can mean one of two things: Cressida is planning to marry Harry, or Bonas and Middleton will be teaming up for an E! reality series.

Vivtoria Beckham's mother found a promotional Spice Girls frozen pizza from God knows when in the back of her freezer. But that's nothing, we've still got a McDonald's McDLT in ours.

Both Drew Barrymore and Kristin Cavallari look like they're about to give birth any second.

"Girls" star Lena Dunham is the latest celeb to join in on the cupping craze. And when we say late, we mean late. Jennifer Anison was onto this thing years ago.

Matthew McConaughey revealed what inspired his famous "alright, alright, alright" catchphrase (first spoken by his character Wooderson from "Dazed and Confused"), and lo and behold, it was drugs. At least partly:

And finally, KFC restaurants in Canada are serving a sandwich called the "Big Boss," which is basically a Big Mac made with fried chicken instead of beef. Honestly, we're surprised this isn't already a thing.