Break Time

Break Time: Paris Hilton celebrates her birthday sans underwear

Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus and more stars are behaving badly.


Welcome to Break Time! While you spent your weekend relaxing, it seems many celebs spent their time misbehaving. Here's what you may have missed from around the web:

Celebrity cat fight!!! Meow! Rosie Perez and JLo feud. 

Paris Hilton celebrates her 32nd birthday in style but without underwear.

What would shock us more is if Miley Cyrus put clothes on.

Good girl Melissa Joan Harts admits she did ecstasy and went to the Playboy Mansion.

Could Katy Perry be engaged to John Mayer???

Some love transcends beyond what we can imagine.

What's the biggest lie men tell women to seduce them?

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