Seems that Melissa Joan Hart wasn’t such a good girl after all.

The 37-year-old dishes on her racy past to Giuliana Rancic in a revealing new hour long episode of "Beyond Candid With Giuliana"—and Popdust has details.

Melissa grew up in the spotlight—starring as a young girl in Nickelodeon’s "Clarissa Explains It All," moving on to "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" and then becoming a wife and mom of three.

Somehow though, Melissa managed to avoid the pitfalls of being a child star that many others before—and after—her have succumbed to and she’s always managed to keep her squeakily clean image intact.

Quite a feat, especially as Melissa admits to “partying like a rockstar” at one time in her life.

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Here’s some quotes:

On how she kept grounded as a child star:

“I think it goes back to the parents. My parents didn’t want to be in the business for themselves. They weren’t out to get anything from me… They weren’t trying to live vicariously through me.”

On attending her first Playboy Mansion party:

“So the night before, I went to my very first Playboy Mansion party.  And it was the Mid-Summer Night’s Eve party where you’re in underwear…. I was feeling like a little shy, so I actually ended up rolling with some friends, doing some Ecstasy.”

On her “good girl” image:

“You know, it’s not that I wasn’t a bad girl or, that I was too much of a good girl. It was that I never got caught.”

To watch the whole interview tune in to "Beyond Candid with Giuliana" on February 17 at on E!